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Vigel 0.5 oz. (15ml) Gel

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Believe it or not, over 46% of the women in America experience little or no sexual satisfaction from clitoral orgasm and only 25% achieve orgasm with intercourse. Even less believable is that a countless number of women do not even know what an orgasm is or how it is achieved. Whether you are multi-orgasmic or are among the 46% of women who are sexually frustrated, every woman who desires maximum sexual fulfillment, greater intimacy, and enhanced relationships stands to benefit from regular use of Vigel Topical Sex Gel.

Vigel can be used by practically every woman, since it is completely safe to use. Vigel is a topical gel that increases feminine sexual excitement and pleasure. The tingling sensation caused from the formulation will not affect nor be detected by anyone, but the user. Vigel is tasteless, so therefore, it does not interfere with any oral activity. It is a sterile, pharmaceutical, grade product manufactured under the strictest of specifications. Whether you are multi-orgasmic or if you experienced trouble achieving climax, Vigel will enhance your sexual experience more than you ever imagined! Vigel does not require a prescription and the all natural formula will not interact with other medications.

In 1998 a Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology was awarded for the discovery of the Nitric Oxide Pathway. This passageway for Nitric Oxide is the basis for clitoral erection and excitement and ultimately female orgasm. L-Arginine is an amino acid protein present in all life forms. L-Arginine causes the production of Nitric Oxide this in turn improves clitoral circulation and hence leads to increased physical pleasure even for women who may have experience diminished sexual desire. Controlled studies using L-Arginine have demonstrated vast improvement in female sex drive and sexual relations, frequency of orgasms, and clitoral sensitivity to stimulation. One of the principle ingredients of ViGel is L-arginine.

Here are just a few of the benefits that can be realized when using Vigel Topical Gel:

  • It increases sexual endurance, response and pleasure.
  • It vastly improves female clitoral sensitivity.
  • It acts quickly causing positive and pleasurable results.
  • There is no need for a prescription.
  • It lessens depression due to a lack of sexual fulfillment.
  • It is 100% Safe and Natural.
  • Increases the frequency and intensity of the orgasm.
  • It can be used by every woman without concerns.

    ViGel does sexually for women what that famous little blue pill does for men. It is truly, "passion in a bottle". If you want to get the excitement back in your sex life, it is time for Vigel Topical Sex Gel!

    Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

    What is Vigel?

    Vigel is a sexual enhancement gel for women. Vigel is for all women from those who experience a loss of sexual desire to those who wish to become multiorgasmic. Vigel increases feminine sexual excitement and pleasure. Vigel sex gel enhances female sexual arousal and satisfaction when applied directly to the clitoral area. Vigel is the sex aid that men and women have been looking for!

    How does it work and how is it used?

    Vigel is a topical formulation that is applied directly to the clitoral area and dramatically increases feminine sexual arousal. Vigel sex gel contains special ingredients including Menthol and the amino acid L-Arginine. The Menthol in Vigel instantly creates a delightful, tingling sensation that usually lasts from one to two hours and can be applied as frequently as desired. The L-Arginine in Vigel dramatically enhances circulation and sensitivity in the clitoral area. Prior to sexual relations, a dime-size drop of Vigel should be applied to the clitoris. Blood flow increases and the clitoris will become more responsive as it is manually stimulated. During arousal the clitoris swells to four times its normal size. This process usually takes about thirty minutes to achieve. Vigel can literally cut that time in half. In essence, Vigel Topical Sex Gel is an orgasm in a bottle!

    Have there been and studies conducted to substantiate the effectiveness of this product?

    Vigel Scientific Evidence – Sexual Research Vigel has received rave reviews from women who have not realized sexual dysfunction but appreciate the product nonetheless because it helps them have more intense sexual excitement and frequent orgasms. The true strength of Vigel has been demonstrated in the following double blind studies conducted on post-menopausal and sexually dysfunctional women. These groups also included women in general, who were experiencing inadequate, unsatisfactory orgasms, inadequate frequency, and/or intensity of orgasmic sexual satisfaction.

    Summaries of Clinical Trials:

    One study involving L-Arginine was conducted on post-menopausal women with Female Sexual Arousal Disorder or FSAD. Seventy-five percent of married women admitted that they had lost desire for sex and forty-six percent of all of the women reported that they had never achieved an orgasm. The study was designed to determine the effects on vaginal blood flow and sexual arousal of the Nitric Oxide-precursor L-Arginine (as well as other substances) on physiological responses to erotic stimuli in post -menopausal women who had experienced FSAD for at least six months. The study was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, three-way crossover clinical trial. The patients consisted of twenty-three, post menopausal women who met the DSM IV criteria for FSAD. The physiological sexual arousal of the subjects was measured by changes in vaginal pulse amplitude using a method called Vaginal Photoplethysmography. The subjects were shown a neutral (non-sexual movie) as well as a film with sexual content. The degree of sexual reaction by each subject to the neutral as well as to the sexual movie was measured by the Vaginal Photoplethysmography technology. Subjective sexual arousal was also gauged by using a Self-Report Questionnaire that was standardized for all women involved in the trial. The results of the Vaginal Photoplethysmography showed a rapid and significant increase in Vaginal Pulse Amplitude Response, indicating that the subject's degree of sexual stimulation to the erotic film after the L-Arginine was administered as compared to the placebo group. The Self-Report Questionnaire yielded similar results. The study theorized that the mechanism responsible for the increase in sexual arousal was the body's enhanced production of Nitric Oxide due to the administration of L-Arginine. The increased Nitric Oxide release caused the women who were given L-Arginine to be significantly more stimulated by the erotic content of the sexual film as opposed to those individuals who received the placebo.

    The results of another clinical study of L-Arginine were presented at the Ninth Annual Congress on Women's Health And Gender-Based Medicine in Washington, D.C. The study indicated significant improvement in overall satisfaction and sexual desire. Ninety-three women, ages twenty-two to seventy-three, participated in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study to determine the effectiveness of the L-Arginine, an ingredient found in Vigel Sexual Enhancement Cream. In the study, forty-six participants received L-Arginine, and forty-seven others received a placebo. At the end of four weeks, the results were as follows: 62% of the women were more satisfied with their sex lives and over 64% felt more sexual desire while using Vigel.

    What is F.S.A.D?

    Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD) is a persistent or recurrent inability to attain, or to maintain until completion of the sexual activity, an adequate lubrication-swelling response of sexual excitement. This "response" involves vaginal lubrication, expansion of the vagina, and swelling of the external genitalia. The disturbance must cause marked distress or interpersonal difficulty. The dysfunction is also not better accounted for by another problem and is not due exclusively to the direct physical effects of a substance (i.e. an illegal drug or prescription medication) or a medical condition.

    As with all sexual disorders, FSAD can be classified as lifelong (existing for the entirety of the person’s adult life) or acquired (developed after a period of normal functioning). It can also be classified as generalized (occurring across all partners, sexual activities, and situations) or situational (limited to certain partners, sexual practices, or situations). Women with F.S.A.D have sexual desire, but for various reasons have difficulty obtaining sexual satisfaction. FSAD is a sub-category of the broader group of sexual problems experienced by women generally categorized within the overall category of Female Sexual Disorders.

    Does Vigel work with women who have Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (F.S.A.D.)?

    Vigel has been shown to have positive effects on women with this condition. In double blind studies conducted on post-menopausal and sexually dysfunctional women including women diagnosed with F.S.A.D., the results were amazing. These groups also included women in general, who were experiencing inadequate, or unsatisfactory orgasms or inadequate frequency and/or intensity of orgasms or women who simply considered themselves lacking in their desired level of sexual satisfaction.

    Ingredients: Purified Water, Propylene Glycol, L-Arginine, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Peppermint, Methylparaben

    Directions: Prior to sexual relations, apply a few drops of Vigel to the clitoris making certain to work Vigel directly into the tissue underneath the clitoris or hood. Though most women feel the effects immediately, it make take up to three applications (on three consecutive days) to appreciate the full, circulation-enhancing effects of Vigel. As blood flow increases, the clitoris will become more responsive as it is manually stimulated. During arousal the clitoris actually swells to four times the normal size. The pleasant tingling sensation and enhancing effect of Vigel should last for a minimum of thirty minutes. If Vigel is consistently used prior to sexual activity, the more effective that the results will be. Vigel is not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing.


    Contents: One bottle of Vigel Topical Sex Gel contains 0.5oz.(15ml) of gel (approximately 30 applications)

    Be assured that this product arrives at your assigned address in a completely discreet shipping carton.

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