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Sweet Secretions

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We have all heard the slogan, "Tastes Great, Less Filling". Well, we do not know that much about the "Less Filling" part, but we certainly can relate to the "Tastes Great" part. The answer is Sweet Secretions. This revolutionary product literally changes the flavor and the viscosity of male semen while increasing stamina and performance. When taken by a female, her secretions taste sweeter, vaginal odor is diminished, sexual desire is enhanced, and natural lubrication is increased. If this seems impossible to believe, the truth is in the taste!

After extensive research it was discovered that there was nothing offered for retail sale that could make oral sex more pleasurable for both participants. With the assistance of a pharmaceutical company, their chemists, and the precise combination of natural herbs, Sweet Secretions was developed. The result is a product that cleanses and deodorizes the body of toxicity. These impurities can be due to prescription and non-prescription medications, diet, smoking, and a number of other items that internally effect the natural secretions of the body. It absolutely true that "you are what you eat". Using Sweet Secretions changes these unpleasant obstacles into an insatiable sexual experience.

It has been documented that for a vast number of women, performing complete oral sex on a male is a very difficult act. The reasons are usually the taste and/or the consistency of semen. A man who uses Sweet Secretions for about a week can change an unpleasant experience for her into a fulfilling and pleasurable encounter for both partners.

Sweet Secretions works not only for men, either. This amazing little capsule can be beneficial to women, as well. In less than seven days Sweet Secretions will enhance natural lubrication, decrease feminine odor, and sweeten the taste of secretions and ejaculations.

Please read some of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)about this product?

What is in this product that can cause such wonderful changes?

Sweet Secretions contains the following ingredients: Medicago Sativa, Horny Goat Weed, Tribulus terrestris Powders. In addition Sweet Secretions contain specially formulated Chinese and European herbs, especially formulated and balanced for complete absorption. These specially combined ingredients create an all-natural body cleanser that not only deodorize but please the palate.

What if the user takes other medications?

As is the case with all supplements, you should consult with your physician before taking our product or any other dietary supplement. A person with any autoimmune disease, such as HIV or lupus erythematosus, should consult with a health care professional before using this product.

Are there any side effects associated with taking this product?

There have not been any reported side effects by anyone who has taken this Sweet Secretions.

Can a person stop taking Sweet Secretions and then resume usage?

Yes, you can stop taking Sweet Secretions and begin taking it over again. Please remember, however, that it will take a few days for the product to begin working in your system again.

Read the following testimonials from actual users of Sweet Secretions:

"Originally, I purchased Sweet Secretions for the benefit of my girlfriend, who happens to be a fellatio aficionado. She had never complained about my taste, but I thought I would do what I could to enhance the experience for her. After taking Sweet Secretions for a week, she indicated to me that I now had a subtle sweet taste, something she had not noticed before. This was pleasing enough, but what I really want to praise you for is the libido enhancing side effects of Sweet Secretions! The bottle indicated this was an additional result of taking the product, but I must admit I was skeptical. I had tried several other products that promoted the same qualities, but they didn't work for me. Needless to say, you have a very satisfied customer; I have ordered more, and plan to keep a goodly supply on hand. I am also recommending the product to my friends!" - M.C. of Cypress, CA

I'm a scientist, and I tried your product with skepticism, but I must admit that not only did it take away the bitter taste, but it also made the semen more fluid. My wife told me that before trying your product, my semen was often very thick and hard to swallow, while now it goes down "like a pleasant drink"!

I started taking your product for a week and I did not notice a difference but my wife did. She tells me that the taste is not bitter or nasty anymore and that my semen is more liquidy. She finally enjoys it cause she never liked oral sex before. I have the best of both worlds. Thanks from both of us. V. of PA

I had a hard time performing oral sex. It was the taste that bothered me. Your product has helped tremendously and I am able to enjoy it along with my husband. Thanks A.F.

I have been married for a little over 5 yrs and I have never been able to perform oral sex on my husband... it has always made me gag. Some of the guys from my husband's job were talking about Sweet Secretions so we ordered some because I said that I would at least give it a try. Well, after about almost 3 weeks I did try it, and it was great. It was not so thick anymore, and the bad taste was gone, and I did not gag. My husband is really, really happy, and so am I. Sweet Secretions is the best. We will be customers forever! Mrs. M.

I have an Asian girlfriend who was reluctant to perform oral delights to begin with. I wasn't quite sure what the problem was, but she always gagged whenever I filled her mouth. One night she told me that my semen tasted like a salty thick piece of raw sushi. I was abhorred. I immediately searched the net and found your lovely solution. Today my girlfriend finds my cum to be on par with a trip to the candy store. I can tell by the look in her eyes. Thank you so much. - L.P. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I didn't tell my girlfriend that I had been taking your product, sort of as a test. After about 5 days I let her go down on me again, and I was overjoyed when she actually told me I tasted sweeter this time! I'm ordering more... - T.G. Michigan.

A girlfriend and I were talking one night, and she told me about your product. I told her my husband had a bad taste to his semen due to medication. So I bought Sweet Secretions. He took it for a week and what a weekend we had! We were driving down the highway the other day, and I said "pull over honey, I want to taste it again!" - D.F. of Pleasantville, NY.

I tried your product because my girlfriend told me that she didn't like the taste of my cum. Well, it did work, and we are both enjoying great oral sex thanks to Sweet Secretions! - M.K. of Chicago, IL

I have a girlfriend who I really like, but she did not like giving me oral sex even though she likes receiving it. I found out that it was due to her thinking that it had a really salty taste. I saw your product on the Internet and ordered some. After about a week I talked her into trying it again, and she was surprised that the salty taste was gone. Thank you for helping us. - D.M. of San Diego, CA.

My husband just started taking some medications that changed the way his cum tasted. It made it very bitter. I got some of your product, and he took it for a full week before I tasted him again. WOW, it really worked! It was sweet! He now takes a capsule every day and tells me he has no side effects. He doesn't even know he takes it, But I do! - J.H. of Tampa, FL

Imagine if both male and female ejaculations were not only enhanced but actually tasted sweeter and better than ever imagined. There is no need to wonder any longer, Sweet Secretions will make fellatio a full time job!

DIRECTIONS: Take one capsule of Sweet Secretions in the morning and one capsule in the evening for the first three days. After this initial program take only one capsule per day. Since Sweet Sensations naturally changes your body chemistry, it may take as much as seven days to realize the full effect of this supplement. With continued use, Sweet Secretions will cleanse the body and naturally deodorize any unpleasant affects including bitter, salty and sour tastes. The result is a sweet treat for your lover.

CONTENTS: One sealed bottle of Sweet Secretions containing 30 love-enhancing capsules

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