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Rize 2 Twelve Capsules

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Stimula Plus 30 Capsules

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Introducing Stimula Plus, the first, true, unisex, libido booster that actually works for both sexes! These all-natural and completely safe supplements work incredibly fast to stimulate sexual desires and responses in both men and women. This "passion igniter" can create intense sexual desire and an increased orgasmic response when taken regularly.

Unlike many other unisex supplements that claim effectiveness for both sexes when in actuality the ingredients are only effective for men and not women, Stimula Plus has been formulated for maximum effectiveness for women as well as men. Taking just one capsule, daily or about thirty minutes prior to anticipated intimacy, has been proven to produce a powerful, long-lasting erection in a male while in a female increased blood flow, natural lubrication and sensory responses in the labia, clitoris and vagina occur. These changes dramatically boost the libido, thus increasing the desire for sexual activity of all kinds.

Surveys taken recently report that 73% of couples in committed relationships admit that they feel sexually bored or lack desire for lovemaking. Stimula Plus has been designed to change this feeling. Couples taking this supplement, as directed, have rediscovered the passion, lust, and excitement that has been missing in the bedroom.

Stimula-Plus is really "lust in a bottle". The scientifically chosen ingredients enhance circulation, boost sensation, and increase sexual excitement in the genital areas of both men and women. Within a short time of ingesting Stimula Plus, men will find themselves erect and ready and women will become hot and eager for sexual activity.

Stimula Plus offers a very unique three-way effect that results in endless desire, maximum stimulation, and an optimized ability to provide total sexual fulfillment for men and women. Every couple owes it to themselves and each other to enhance their sex lives.

Stimula Plus is the answer!

INGREDIENTS: Avena Sativa 1x (475mg)
capsule composition: Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Calcium Sulfate

DIRECTIONS: Take one or two capsules daily without food, either as a daily supplement or about thirty minutes prior to anticipated sexual activity.

CONTENTS: One sealed bottle of Stimula Plus Libido Booster for Men and Women containing 30 Capsules

Be assured that this product arrives at your assigned address in a completely discreet shipping carton.

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