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In 1946 Dr. Arnold Kegel, a Los Angeles obstetrician and gynecologist, became the first person to effectively extol the values of correctly exercising the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. Since that time, Kegels, as they are commonly called, have become an essential method to improve sexual satisfaction and a number of other health related issues. Kegels are actually defined as the rhythmic clenching and unclenching of the pubococcygeal (PC) muscle. To assist with this strengthening process a very special device has been designed by Natural Contours entitled, the Energie Kegel Exerciser.

Unlike many other Kegel exercise devices, the Energie is the perfect weight resistance trainer for the kegel muscle. It is small in size (6 1/2 in. (16.51cm) long by 1 3/8 in. (3.49cm) wide), highly functional and extremely effective. Designed in Europe, the Energie is ergonomically shaped for ultimate comfort and maximum results. Correct usage of the Energie Kegel Exerciser will provide a safe and pleasurable way to maintain your vaginal PC muscles tone before and after childbirth as well as after menopause.

In addition, extensive research has demonstrated that a key factor in the enjoyment of the G spot is the strength of the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. Doctors, Ladas, Whipple and Perry discovered that PC muscles were necessary for vaginal orgasms and female ejaculations. They collectively stated that, "The strength of a woman's PC muscles is directly related to her ability to reach orgasm through intercourse." After treating hundreds of women, the researchers found that those who had strong PC muscles could experience vaginal orgasms with some of them ejaculating, while those who had weakened PC muscles could have neither. When a woman has developed her G spot and has also developed her PC muscle so that she can squeeze a penis, her fingers or other objects and can hold this contraction for ten seconds or more, she is ready for vaginal orgasms and will likely experience ejaculations.

In another study concerning Kegel exercises entitled; "A Comprehensive Treatment Guide" published by Little Brown, (p.364) "Our position is that these muscle exercises are probably beneficial in a number of ways:
(1) they produce an increase in pelvic vascularity;
(2) they produce an increase in muscle tone with a corresponding increase in direct clitoral stimulation during intercourse;
(3) they induce a state of excitement during the performance of the exercise because of the involvement of increased pelvic muscle tension and vascular congestion;
(4) there is an increase in awareness of the clitoral-vaginal sensations that lead to orgasm:
(5) they enhance orgasm in that the female learns to be an active participant in her own sexual response.

Since the PC muscle is sometimes used involuntarily during intercourse, a woman may squeeze the penis of her partner during the act and for sure when she has a vaginal orgasm. Both sexes should exercise their PC muscles regularly if they wish to be good lovers and enjoy their sex to the utmost.

As previously mentioned, the more that you contract this muscle, the stronger it becomes. It is important that the contractions be alternated with equal periods of relaxation. A strong PC muscle can enable a woman to carry a baby more comfortably during pregnancy and to relax better during labor and delivery. Moreover, Kegel exercises performed after delivery can help restore PC muscle tone and can help minimize damage done to the pelvic area from an episiotomy (an incision made between the vagina and rectum to ease delivery of a baby).

As women enter the menopausal years their oestrogen levels decline. Oestrogen is a female hormone that readies the body for childbirth and is no longer produced in large amounts once menstruation ends. This decrease in oestrogen can cause changes in vaginal tissue and a decrease in vaginal lubrication. This loss of adequate lubrication can cause painful intercourse and increases the chance of injury and infection to the vagina or bladder. Kegel exercises can strengthen the PC muscle and improve blood circulation to the pelvic area. Increased blood circulation improves lubrication by causing secretions to seep through the walls of the vagina. This can help prevent discomfort during sexual activity. In addition, there are many nerve endings in the PC muscle. If it is firm, the PC muscle responds to stimulation by tightening. This will increase pleasurable sensations.

Having stronger vaginal walls means better control over your orgasms and a tighter "grip" during intercourse. Some Kegel doers have claimed they experienced stronger, longer orgasms, increased G-Spot sensitivity, the ability to have multiple orgasms and increased sexual awareness. Increased blood flow to the genitals, an effect of practicing Kegels, increases your sensitivity to stimulation, which, in turn, can cause an increase in sexual arousal, more sensation during intercourse and deeper sexual satisfaction.

It is a certainty that using the Energie Kegel will enhance your sexual life. Where vibrators eventually cause desensitization, and childbirth certainly results in severe nerve breakage, the Energie Kegel increases blood flow to the entire pelvic area, causing rapid, noticeable increases in sensitivity with improvement after each use. Women who have had children will notice the quickest and most dramatic benefits. Doing conventional kegels can take months and months to succeed. Using the Energie device will produce results in a matter of a few weeks. Vaginal weights, barbells, cones, etc. may cost less than the Energie Kegel Exerciser, but they are also difficult to work with. The object of the exercise is to hold the weight, cone or barbell in the body, to keep it from falling out. These types of devices are not well suited for this purpose.

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

What is a kegel?

A kegel is the name of a pelvic floor exercise, named after Dr. Kegel who discovered the exercise. These muscles are attached to the pelvic bone and act like a hammock, holding in your pelvic organs. To try and isolate these muscles trying stopping and starting the flow of urine.

How do I do the kegel exercise?

Once you have located the muscles simply tighten and relax the muscle over and over, about 200 times a day. These are basic kegels. There are many variations on kegels: elevator kegels (Where you tighten slowly, in increments going in and out, like an elevator stopping on several floors.), you can hold the muscle tightened for five seconds, you can bulge the muscles out at the end, and many other variations.

Why would I want to do kegel exercises?

Kegeling provides many benefits:

  • Conditioned muscles will make birth easier, and your perineum will more likely be intact (fewer tears and episiotomies).
  • Sexual enjoyment is enhanced for both partners.
  • It can prevent prolapses of the pelvic organs.
  • It can help prevent leaking urine when you sneeze or cough.

    What are kegel, or pelvic muscle, exercises?

    Pelvic muscle exercises, also called kegel or pelvic floor exercises, have been shown to improve mild to moderate urge and stress incontinence. When performed correctly, these exercises help to strengthen the muscles at your bladder outlet. Through regular exercise you can build strength and endurance to help improve, regain, or maintain bladder and bowel control.

    How to find and recognize the muscles?

    Imagine that you need to hold back gas. Squeeze and lift the rectal area, and for women also the vaginal area, without tightening the buttocks or belly (abdomen). When you first begin your exercise program, check yourself frequently by looking in a mirror or by placing your hands on your abdomen and buttocks to insure that you do not feel your belly, thighs, or buttocks move. If there is movement, continue to experiment until you have isolated the correct muscles of the pelvic floor. Another technique used to help you identify the correct pelvic muscles is to attempt to stop or slow the flow of urine. While urinating, partially empty your bladder then try to stop or slow the flow of urine. Do not be discouraged if you are unable to stop or change the flow. Slowing the flow is a good start. Twice a month, you may try to stop the stream as a test to see if your muscle strength is improving.

    Are there any other exercises that may be attempted?

    There are two types of exercises you need to do. Doing both types of exercises is the best way to help improve your bladder control.

    The first exercise type relies on the holding ability of the muscles (building a strong dam to hold back urine). It is done by slowly tightening, lifting, drawing in the pelvic floor muscles and holding them to a count of five. At first, you will probably notice that the muscles do not want to stay contracted or tightened very long. If you feel the contraction letting go, just retighten the muscles. In a week or two, you will probably notice an improvement in the control and holding power of the contractions. In fact, in the beginning, you may only be able to hold the contraction for 1-2 seconds. Concentrate on lifting the muscles and holding the contraction while progressing slowly toward a goal of 10-seconds in length. Rest for 10 seconds between each contraction.
    The second exercise, Type 2, is a quick contraction. The muscles are quickly tightened, lifted up, and let go. This works the muscles that quickly shut off the flow of urine (like a faucet) to help prevent accidents.

    Can men and women benefit from doing kegels?

    Absolutely! kegels are essential and beneficial for both sexes.

    For women and men:

    1.) Locate your pelvic muscles by stopping the flow of urine midstream.
    2.) Contract the pelvic muscles hard for one second and then release them, ten times in a row, three times a day.
    3.) Gradually increase the number of contractions so that by the end of one month, you are doing ten contractions, twenty times a day.
    4.) Vary the exercise by holding the contraction for a count of three and then releasing it. You can mix the exercises up, some short and some long.
    5.) Kegel when having sex for extra pleasure for you and your partner.
    6.) Do the kegels for a minimum of six weeks. Results will not be immediate, but eventually, you will be able to notice a difference.

    Can you restate the directions for doing kegel using the Energie device?

    After proper insertion of the Energie:
    1. Slowly contract (one-thousand).
    2. Keep contracting (keep your vagina closed) (two-thousand).
    3. Keep contracting (three-thousand).
    4. Keep contracting (four-thousand).
    5. Squeeze even harder, even if you think you're contracting as hard as you can (here, you may use the muscles of your stomach while counting five-thousand).
    6. Relax (six-thousand) before you start over again.
    It is recommended that you do the exercises for 20 minutes daily, when ever possible.

    An even more effective way is to relax and then do three fast contractions between point 5 and 6. You can also try to relax longer after the long contraction, for example:

    Do stages one through five as stated above, then relax for five seconds.
    6. Contract fast(do a short, yet hard contraction, should take less than one second).
    7. Release (fast).
    8. Contract (fast).
    9. Release (fast).
    10. Contract (fast).
    11. Relax a few seconds before starting over again at point 1.

    Will a dildo produce the same results as the Energie Kegel Exerciser?

    Using a suitable small dildo inside your vagina while squeezing and releasing the muscle may work effectively. However, it is believed by most sex educators that the correct way to help the strengthening process is to use a device that is properly suited for this task. Testing with various types of dildos as exercisers confirmed that an improper size or shaped dildo can actually impede muscle control. A resistance device should never be larger than the width of approximately two finger sizes. The Energie is not only the correct size but also offers an ergonomic shape that is ideal for use and effectiveness.

    Directions: Using the Energie and performing proper kegel exercises are quite simple to accomplish. To start, begin by locating your PC muscle. This is easy to do. When you urinate, see if you can stop and start the flow of urine without moving your legs or squeezing the nerves in your buttocks. You will feel a flexing and tightening beneath your bladder. The part of the body that allows you to perform this move is your PC muscle. Once you have found your PC muscle, you are indeed ready to start practicing Kegels. Please follow these easy steps:

    1.) Insert the Energie Kegel Exerciser as noted in the instructions.
    2.) Contract your PC muscle.
    3.) Hold for a count of five.
    4.) Relax your PC muscle.
    5.) Repeat 10 times.
    6.) Do this as frequently as possible. That is all there is to it.

    Contents: One Energie Kegel Exerciser is contained in a hygienically sealed package with instructions for proper usage.

    Be assured that this product arrives at your assigned address in a completely discreet shipping carton.

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